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Having entered the "age of maintenance" for society's physical infrastructure, SHO-BOND Corporation continues to move vigorously and steadily on thanks to its close attention to customers.

As a "corporation for the total maintenance of structures," SHO-BOND repairs, reinforces, and otherwise manages road structures and other public infrastructural facilities.

Moreover, the members of the SHO-BOND Group have been launching new businesses in the fields of railways, electric power, ports, and other areas of private infrastructure, as well as developing, producing, and selling materials and products through its consistent system in order to meet society's needs.

Society expects to see many more bridges, tunnels, and other social capital stock facilities built during the period of high economic growth to soon become 50 years old. Consequently, efforts to prolong their service lives and conduct preventive maintenance will become increasingly important.

As members of SHO-BOND, we are positive about our ongoing mission in passing on Japan's social capital to the next generation in order to help realize a more fulfilling society.

We hope for your continued warm support and further guidance.

Akira Ueda, Representative Director and Chairman Soshi Fujii, Representative Director and President
Akira Ueda
Representative Director and Chairman
Soshi Fujii
Representative Director and President

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